Who Am I? An Introduction.

Hi. I’m Alastair Gould a software developer from Birmingham, UK. I’m interested in computer science, software development, mathematics, business, and economics. I’m graduate of the University of Birmingham, with a MSc Advanced Computer Science(Distinction) and the University of Wolverhampton with a BSc Computer Science(First).

On this website you will find tutorials, business news, opinion pieces and various other pieces of information. Why am I doing this? Well first it will be a chance to improve my writing skills, and second to give something back to the tech community on the internet. For you see i’m a digital native, I was brought up on the internet. I was essentially taught how to program by the internet, before I even hit my teenage years. I remember using the famous NeHe(http://nehe.gamedev.net/) tutorials to learn OpenGL(3d graphics) and linear mathematics, using cplusplus.com to learn C++ and Object Orientation. This was before I hit 14/15 years old. I self-published a bad 3d space game around this time where you could fly around the solar system in a space ship, it’s probably still lurking on the internet somewhere but I won’t link to it… I learned some bad habits from some tutorials, but they kept my interest up. Eventually I grabbed some beginner books like K&R(The C Programming Language) to learn C, and then when once I became competent books like Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs where I learned lisp/scheme, and “The Art Of Computer Programming” by Don Knuth as a reference for algorithms.

The type of tutorials I will most likely write are practical software development tutorials, theoretical computer science, and machine learning/A.I articles.

I’m currently a iPhone app developer in Birmingham, UK.

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